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These are wonderful! So clear and full of tochen! Thank you for sharing! Tizku L'mitzvohs!

As a mother helping her son understand the mishnayos that he learned in school, these sheets have been so helpful! I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much!



These sheets have been a huge help towards making Mishnayos Megila interesting and clear to my students.


This is absolutely amazing. It was done with unusual clarity, easy enough for any child, or even adult without any Mishnayos background to easily understand every Mishna- with all the concepts in them. I hope you do this for many more Mesechtos. It's obvious that many hours of hard work went into this. Thank you so much.

My son (age 8 going into 3rd grade) LOVES your  Mishnayos and has learned thru suuka, taanis, baitza and megilla.  Do you have any others  in mo-ed? pesachim would be the best. He learns and reviews EVERYDAY!   YASHER KOACH!!

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